Ooh, this is strange. I had gotten all used to the friendly tumblr feel but now like a pupil going to a new school I am stood in the main hall of WordPress, eyeing the surroundings and suspecting that there is a little wee stain on the front of my shorts.

So, welcome to the possible new home of my Blog I hope you like it here.

Last night I was getting all grumpy about my car and having to fix it myself, again. The proof is always in the starting and it was a nervous moment when I turned the key this morning as my luck has been a touch lacking of late but I need not have worried as she turned over for a second or two then fired into life with not even a cough of smoke. She then took us all the way to Solihull and back without an issue and with the fuel consumption improving all the way. I am holding off the smug blog post for a day or two just in case but I have allowed myself  a bit of a grin.

Solihull again, my monthly trip to see the Occupational Health Doctor. I am going to miss these trips now I am returning to work. I had hoped to fathom out exactly what they achieved for either me or my employer but time ran out. The upshot of today’s meeting is that last month I agreed a phased return to work this week and today we agreed the same thing. I informed him of my employer’s idea for the phasing and his idea differed from theirs. At least I got it in writing to take back with me when I go back to work.

It seems a lifetime ago since I last thought of getting up for work the next day and after all these months the moment has arrived. Even at this late hour I have no idea how this is going to pan out and my ambivalent attitude towards something that only a few weeks ago was an impossible act is slightly worrying. I hope it is a sign of how far I have progressed mentally and not just how well the medication is working.

Oops, totally forgot. Here is a link to my Tumblr page for the previous entries in my 365 blog http://www.tumblr.com/blog/aideym


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