I can’t wait for Saturday, two days into my resumption and I am already looking forward to my day off. I had another fun filled three hours of deleting emails from people that actually believe I need or want them. The total of interesting and informative ones remained in the mid twenties and the deleted unread category topped the 1000 mark. After completing this task I set about uploading a new CV to the system except being a total eejit when it comes to computers I had to get one of the bosses to help me do it. I can imagine how unusual it must have seemed to him that I had barely been back a shift and I was eyeing the vacancy sheet with intent.

Tomorrow I will set about catching up with the changes to how things should be done. The job is often about not pissing people off and who not to piss off the most. This situation changes depending on who shouts the loudest and is a constantly moving set of goalposts. Of course this doesn’t have any effect on how the job has to be done, there is increasingly little scope for movement. It then becomes how long can we cater for “A” until “B” gets pissed off. I think it is this balancing act that I find distressing. There is rarely more than one good way of doing something.To influence the outcome for financial or political reasons only acts to diminish the results for other parties, namely the people stuck in the middle. There has to be a point where doing the right thing should be free of financial and political burden. When I am Paul McCartney I will make it so, in the meantime I will swat up on it all and cover my backside.

Now it appears I did my work colleagues an injustice last night. More to the point, the steroidal legend that is BIGFIL. I allowed myself too much license on reporting my greeting as I resumed work. I regret this and hope my sincere apology will find the big feller’s forgiveness. To set the record straight. Fil was in tears as I walked in, his emotion overflowed as he hugged me in a loving but manly and totally straight way. He plied me with coffee and toasted crumpets  lavishly smothered in butter he had churned himself for the event. He had spent all night blowing up the five hundred balloons and paid for a plane to fly past trailing a banner welcoming be back into the fold. I was humbled by the lengths he had gone to. Thank you Big Fil and I am sorry, If you ever need any help preparing for the Paralympics I’ll be there right behind you.

I can’t finish tonight without mentioning Alex Zanardi. Everyone at the Paralympics has a back story. Very few back stories have been played out in front of the media as his has. A terrible accident in the bad old days of F1 should have ended his life in 1992. Another in 2001 which was shown way to much on TV for my liking left him a double amputee. Not happy with his prosthetics he made his own and unbelievably he returned for a 5 year career in World Touring Cars. That would be achievement enough for most but tonight Alex Zanardi owns a gold medal for handcycling. A truly inspirational person and justification on never giving up on yourself or your limitations.


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