I seriously thought I had seen enough idiots in government. As the detritus was swept away in a high tide of “reshuffle”, The rockpools are freshly charged with primordial scum. I seriously doubt David Camoron was overwhelmed with choice but come on, Nick Boles???  It appears anyone who ever had an opinion on anything makes them more of an expert on something than Dave. Opinions are like arseholes to quote a well known saying and this Government is full of them.

Newsnight is becoming more like Jeremy Kyle every day. All we need now is Paxo delivering pregnancy test results to a similarly intellectually challenged panel. Which is all very distracting when trying to write a blog. I was going to mention Aidan Burley’s new wabbits. One black, one white. They are called Dennis and Maggie. There is so much irony in one photograph you could spend all night writing one liners. I should imagine Nick and Aidan would be hilarious at a BBQ, you could take bets on who would accidentally set themselves on fire first.

The most annoying thing is that our lives, our country and our future shouldn’t be like a sketch from the Fast show and yet increasingly it seems that way.

Anyway enough before my spleen bursts again.

We popped over to Park Lime Pits to ensure to do a little pre-emptive Foraging ahead of Monday’s meeting. The car park had the usual cottaging contingent sat waiting for a furtive moment to engage in acts of moral outrage, or a Barclays as it is sometimes known. However it appears we peeked the interest of one such person who followed us. He waited in the shadows as we checked out various fruit bearing trees and quite frankly I found his behaviour very disturbing indeed. Linda was on the point of ringing the Police but he eventually returned to his white van and was gone from the car park when we got back. No I have raised this issue before but this is one incident too many. How long before someone gets attacked by one of these perverts? Unless someone tells me it is wrong, I am going to start collecting the registration numbers of people who are loitering with intent and provide them to the Police.

Before I go, just a quick mention about an event at the Arboretum on Sunday. It looks like this could be a really interesting do and the weather appears to be in agreement. For some reason I can’t get the link to post but do a search for Bandstand Marathon and Sportsfest, whilst I try and learn to use WordPress




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