There is something magical about blue silicon hose. No matter what vehicle it is applied to, the result is a vast improvement over boring black rubber stuff. It exudes performance. Red is tacky and any other colour is just trying too hard to be cool. Blue it has to be. Blue, shiny, silicon. Breast enhancements would be so much better made out of automotive silicon, bigger and bouncier and instantly more attractive to real men. Men who know stuff about important things like cars and motorbikes. Men who your mother wouldn’t like. 

Sadly this doesn’t seem to apply to a 2.2 Diesel Signum. Quite why I thought it would beats me but fortunately there is a rather large engine cover and with winter coming, my shiny hoses won’t look quite so desperate. It does seem to work a little better though just a bit too blue.

Before heading to work I did a bit more work on the bike seat. The braces for the back also attach it to the frame. The figure hugging contours of the seat took some matching on the braces and I seemed to spend an age sanding one bit only to find it had knocked another out of fit. In the end I got it just how I wanted it and got it glued up. If all goes well I will be able to get it secured in place tomorrow. That will leave me with the final job of setting the crank length and cutting the boom. Once this is done, it will be strip down and varnish time. Then the final rebuild and the moment of truth as to whether I can ride again will be revealed.

I spent a bit of time on the desk at work today. It wasn’t a particularly busy day and the phased return is all about easing in. I thought it would be a breeze and that it would all come flooding back. It felt like 6 years had passed, not 6 months. I had forgotten computers commands that were so ingrained in me that I actually thought in them. It was quite frustrating to be unable to perform second nature actions and decisions. I am going to spend more time on the desk next week and I think I have got up to date with the changes that have occurred in my absence, so hopefully it will all return before I am expected to do it all for real. 



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