It was a little bit like Groundhog day today. Aside from Blue piping, the day started putting the remaining brace on the bike seat  and was concluded with going on a forage for items suitable for either making alcohol or steeping in alcohol. There were subtle differences, this time we didn’t get followed by a cottager but did interrupt three youths shooting an air rifle at the ducks on the little pond at the Lime Pits and I didn’t go to work.

We tried parking at Hayhead wood car park, which seems as equally blessed with single men sitting in cars for no apparent reason as Park Lime Pits. Perhaps they should hook up and perhaps they wouldn’t be so lonely. Or maybe just park in a single car park, preferably outside a Police station.

Blimey, there were slim pickings to be had through the wood and along the airport field, which given our own crop failure means there will be no pressing of cider this year. Early forecasts are predicting little in the way of homemade booze this year, which is a shame as the plan was to scale up production for 2013. Oh well we will just have to go back to the meths, it’s not so bad with ribena in.

Anyway onto other stuff, La Vuelta draws to a close tomorrow, just as the Tour of Britain starts. With the additional focus on British Cycling at the moment I am sure the crowds will be swollen to new highs. I am looking forward to catching up with the Tour as it passes through Cannock Chase and maybe collect a cast off bidon or two as ours are getting a bit on the grubby side. But before that we have the Bandstand marathon to attend. In the sweltering heat of the delayed British Summer, there can be no finer compliment than the sounds of live music and people having fun, aside from a nice pint of something brewed, except it is drier than a Mormon church service. Apparently the alcohol free zone is to discourage wino’s. For pities sake, society has robbed them of everything, at least let them enjoy the beautiful scenery. Now I do understand the need to curb antisocial behaviour, after all I am currently on a crusade against acts of antisocial behaviour myself but the Council should maybe have realised the difference between a dozen louts nursing a four pack of Fosters and thousands of people enjoying entertainment in the sun that they have provided and promoted.

Anyway I am sure we will all enjoy the event immensely and the surrounding pubs will no doubt hydrate the needy.


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