Fortunately I am a graduate of Mrs Beacons typing school as Linda is tapping the imaginary face of her imaginary watch as the witching hour approaches.

Yes it is late and this is the first moment I have had to be creative, or even surf the tinterweb. I am suffering withdrawal from eBay and haven’t even played my turns in on line Scrabble.

In summary it has been a busy day. It started with my elbow giving me a weather forecast. Rain. If only my arm was tuned into the lottery. I tried to do a bit in the workshop and managed to attach the seat to the frame but that really was all I could muster. The pain is akin to toothache, it saps energy and messes up concentration. It is possibly the worst I have felt for a couple of weeks. This is something I can’t get to grips with. Yesterday I felt great, top of the world, great entertainment, great company, the sun warming my bones. Today, crippled, the only safe harbour a comfortable chair and my eyes shut. Oh pitiful me.

I went to work fully expecting not to be able to stay but it appears the seriously poor air conditioning in the office has a healing effect on my arm. Within an hour the pain had subsided and I was at least able to concentrate on work. Although concentrate is a alien concept whilst appreciating the anaesthetic qualities of morphine. I do feel I handled the day fairly well, on the whole. There wasn’t anything too taxing to manage but I kept a handle on what was required. I think I scared a visitor to the control who was applying for a vacancy on the desk as it was a fact that both controllers were medicated to the point of joining a hard rock band. We both pointed out we had been considered sane when starting the job, a label we wouldn’t qualify for now. This made a connection in my head with the miners of Blaenau Ffestiniog, they were paid well, figuratively speaking, knowing the payment they made in lifespan and health. I guess Controllers make the same trade off with sanity and heart attacks.

I got home just in time to push some food down my throat before going out to meet some representatives of Black Country law enforcement prior to a meeting for the Friends of Park Lime Pits. Without going into any details I thought I was possibly less shock-able than most. I know we have an anti-social behaviour problem I didn’t realise how bad it was or indeed how close it was either. I was repulsed, sickened and angered by the evidence of activity. How dare these perverts sully the beauty of our natural treasures by engaging in these depraved acts? It has to stop, end of.

Anyway, I have to get this posted. I want to finish on a brighter note, I finally got around to downloading the Aziz album, Rusholm Rock and it really is an excellent album. I wish we could have hung around for Arbor Lights’ set as it looks like we missed a great show. Let’s hope the bandstand get used to the fullest opportunity, we, it and the music of the black country deserve it.


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