Well it took six shifts at work for the inevitable to occur. My elbow was held in a firm and painful grip by a colleague. This was in no way malicious just one of those things as people get used to my new state of fragility. As usual the result after the pain subsided was tiredness but aside from a mortified friend no one seemed overly concerned. Perhaps I should have thrown up, I felt like it. Perhaps it takes a technicolour response to elicit some reaction from my superiors. Never mind, eh? It was at this point I decided my phased return to work hours would not be increased next week. They aren’t handing medals out for bravery.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Today was going to be the day where I finished the fabrication of the frame. I was going to bolt the new axle into the rear wheel and mock up the chainset location. This involved removing the rear cluster on the wheel and extract the bent axle and removing the chainset from the donor bike. A simple opertation I have done thousands, well twenties of times. I must have used every tool in the workshop to try and get that cluster to move and nothing managed to. I finally accepted it was beyond the scope of a one and half  armed person to manage it and put it aside. The next task to remove the crank arms also looked to be heading for abject failure but finally with a lot of swearing and a damaged crank removal tool I got them off. However no amount of coercion persuaded the bottom bracket to undo. Finally and with a trip to Dave’s Cycles (my apostrophe) on the cards I decided the BB was buggered anyway and prised open the wallet. It took Dave twenty seconds to separate the hub and sprocket for which I was grateful and he was able to supply all the bits needed to attach the mechanicals. So, a day behind, I am now in a position to crack on. The next question to be answered is, paint, varnish or stain the frame?




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