It appears the standard of my blog diminishes in direct relation to going to work. I have no figures to hand but early reports indicate I am far too busy doing interesting stuff to attend work. At this juncture I am not prepared to discuss plans going forward except being splattered on a dual carriageway is not being considered as an alternative to the daily grind.

Without doubt, the highlight of my day is managing to fall off a bicycle, that was standing still on our patio whilst I marvelled at the developing work of art that is my recumbent. However, finding positives amongst the trauma, the distance I fell and the angle of landing brought no further injury to my arm. More importantly, the bike stood up well to the test decking. Following this successful conclusion, I have planned no further crash testing.

The time in the workshop was thoroughly productive, the rear wheel was built up, runs smooth and is buckle free. The guessed purchase of a bottom bracket turned out to be correct and fitted the shell perfectly. I clamped the assembled chainset to the frame, clamped the bike to the table and set the stroke length, then added a little for the pot as the hole was being drilled 100mm higher than the clamping and set about drilling the 40mm hole. This was quite possibly one of the more nervous moments of the build but fortunately it went without hitch. I have the side plates to make before epoxying the whole lot together. It is all so close, a good weekend at it would have it rolling; almost a shame to be wasting five hours a day in a secret location in Birmingham but bills needs paying and the railway needs my professional help.

I finally made the decision to part with my new camera equipment. Readers may recall that I decided to go all semi professional in a bid to become a wildlife photographer, filling the void, cycling and archery left after the accident. The only problem I hadn’t considered in this cunning swap of hobbies was the weight of a decent lens when connected to a decent camera. In short I couldn’t hold the thing steady and walking around with it was actually pretty painful. I decided to stop taking the camera when out bodspotting, which was a step back from taking a poorer but lighter camera. So, instead of gathering dust, I hope it will be gathering bids on Ebay.


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