I have thought about this blog for most of the day after watching events unfold on television yesterday. I didn’t want to compile the blog in outrage because something was niggling at me.

Hillsborough, was an injustice, set right after two decades. People stepped up to the camera espousing outrage, humility, sorrow and gave plaudits to those that campaigned tirelessly to see the truth out. People who had previously condemned the innocent and knowingly perpetuated a lie jumped up, rapidly donning teflon suits to start finger pointing.

The Truth didn’t just appear, like a long lost Uncle, welcomed with open arms. The truth was always there, hidden away in the archives in the hope no one would ever see fit to question the answers. The Lie started twenty three years ago, at any time in the next twenty two years someone could have stood up and said, “This is a Lie, here is the Truth”. No one chose to. Too scared that they would be disgraced and what are the deaths of eight dozen when compared to high flying careers? The Truth wouldn’t bring back a single one of them….The Truth.

There is an evil, sadistic child murderer locked up in Ashworth Hospital. For decades he has been asked to tell the Truth. Recently the pressure to reveal the burial site of Keith Bennet and the failure to do so before the death of his mother highlighted Ian Brady as the most evil man in living history as he prepares to take the Truth to the grave with him. And yet there are others involved with Hillsborough equally prepared to do the same, except these people aren’t convicted child murderers, they are the Police and Politicians, Civil Servants and Respected Members of Society as well as the Press. People we hope we can trust and yet time and time again prove to be unworthy of our faith.

Of course this was in the bad old days, the Thatcher years, where a pseudo Police State was fostered and given impunity to quell the malcontent. Any democratic right to object was seen as an outrage and was crushed emphatically. Those in the law believed, rightly it appears that they were above the Law.  It would be unthinkable in today’s society that the Police, Politicians and the Press would lie to protect their own interests.

Today we have transparency, Truth and Justice and yet One Thousand Police Officers have criminal convictions. Numerous Politicians have been outed as criminals and corruption abounds if Leveson is to be believed. Today we couldn’t be subjected to injustice. Except if your name is Ian Tomlinson, Mark Duggan, Jean Charles de Menezes, Reece Staples, Sean Rigg, or indeed any of the hundreds that have died as a result of Police actions without a single successful conviction against the culpable Officers.

So what has changed? My recent experience with the Police is that there are some genuinely good serving Officers who do want to serve Justice and uphold the Truth but I think they are struggling against a system that is rotten to the core. Successive Governments have only owned up to things they have been found out about, hiding behind the curtains of Westminster waiting for the fuss to die down or some other atrocity to take centre stage. I seriously hope that in a summer where Britain regained national pride despite the Government’s best efforts to grind the poor, unworthy, sick and disabled into the dirt, that at last we may see Justice served and the guilty brought to book but somehow I doubt it.


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  1. Chris Waite says:

    To quibble 9 score and 6 is 186.

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