I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. Probably because the the focal length of the camera was insufficient, therefore requiring a large crop to make a decent page full. Of course William and fragrant Catherine (her Sunday name because we as a nation are pissed off) are outraged, as is our media because this, after all is our future Queen. This affront was likened to the harassment of William’s mother, hounded to her death by the French press we are led to believe, rather than his sibling who more recently was caught in flagrante.

My first thoughts were it was strange that the British press was happy to publish Harry’s knob but won’t be gracing their sheets with Kate’s topless torso. If Harry’s appendage is of national interest, then surely the physiology of the mother of future Kings is of equal importance?  It is vital the bloodline continues, especially as Harry keeps being sent to the naughty corner in Afghanistan.

In the same broadcast was the terrible news of riots over an American film which at best ill conceived and a worst, designed to cause upset and distress. Now I am always amazed at how people can get a day off to burn the stars and stripes. So far three people to my knowledge have lost their lives in the fallout. I’m not religious, I have my on belief set that I try to abide by but I don’t decry people who are religious or don’t follow my creed. I cannot put myself in a position where I would wish harm on anyone for being different to me except possibly Margaret Thatcher and her bastard clown children, but that is beside the point.

The common denominator of these issues and indeed, scanning the news headlines, at least 50% of newsworthy items is the media itself. I have long felt that the press of this country are nothing more than gutter scum. A title they do little to shake. Where is the news in the Duchess of Cambridge going on holiday? Where is the news  in her owning a pair of breasts that she occasionally unfetters? Where is the news in an American feeling anti Islamic? I think the Americans are anti most stuff a lot of the time. Where is the story in Harry’s pants, not that it is in there very much? There isn’t and all the time the real stories, the real news is hidden away because it isn’t glamorous enough.

I recently read a couple of items blogged by a friend which included scans of ancient newspapers. Murders and tragedies reported accurately and without sensationalism and even with a air of sympathy. I can’t imagine the Paparazzi chasing Queen Mary in the hope of seeing her baps or hounding the Queen Mother to her death for a flash of thigh. So what changed?  and can we change it back?



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