241/365I r

I have left it a bit late tonight so I will make it short. I didn’t intend to be blogging this late but a programme full of Americans with issues piqued my interest. With so many wackos in the States, it is vital to understand the mentality of people who would vote for Bush, twice and appear to believe Mitt is da man.

I started the day by applying some paint to the bike frame whilst Linda went out for a ride. Unfortunately the drying time of the paint is so long that it is going to take days to complete the process. However it is starting to look good now I have got used to the idea of painting it. I had wanted to stain and varnish but I wasn’t convinced I would get a decent finish on plywood and with so much end grain on show, I decided not to take the risk. I left the frame drying in the afternoon sun and went out with Linda for a walk around the Lime Pits. When we returned a few hours later it still wasn’t touch dry and so I have had to risk leaving it out for the night.

The Lime Pits were unusually busy as at least ten families were having a social gathering there. They also appeared to have harvested car loads of sunflowers from the biodiversity areas. Quite why they felt it was ok to go and pick the sunflowers and in such great quantities is beyond me, they all looked well off, reasonable sorts. We walked over towards Lime Pits Farm and noted a few things that would benefit from the Friends group attention. We bumped into the local farmer at one point and had a good conversation with him about his future plans for the farm and widening the biodiversity aspects.

We returned down the canal, the fish were active and there were the last Swallows of summer darting about feeding up for a journey to warmer climes. We watched the Buzzards soaring on thermals  as a canoeist glided by. We caught up with him as he was halfway down a pint in the Manor, seemingly you are only limited by your ability to balance when it comes to drink paddling.

On a whim we went over to Caldmore for a spot of shopping even though it was after six, the shops didn’t seem overly interested in closing and we bought some paneer rolls and samosas at a startling price of 25p each, with some sauce thrown in at that and remarkably good they were too. We picked up some mutton from the butcher so I could knock up a curry. I am given to understand the area has a bit of a reputation but I love shopping there. I can think of nowhere locally where you get such good value for money and friendly service.

Anyway midnight is here and I will have to be up early to remove all the slugs from my bike.


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