The intention was to write this early so that I can get to bet in an attempt to get up at 0600 tomorrow. One of my greatest worries concerning work is my apparent inability to get up. I do try to get up but regardless of the hour, nothing seems to function in my head before 0900. I am hoping that having a real reason to get up might spur some bodily function to reset my internal clock. Only time will tell, my deadline is 0700 at work. I have got five shifts to get it right.

Following the massive crop failure in and around Aldridge and with a reasonably good forecast, we went over to Fradley. Linda seemed to recall a lane that historically was full to the brim with blackberries and that was reason enough for a trip over. Sadly the lane had been stripped of all the easily accessible berries and we had to work hard for very little reward. Finally we gave up and made our way to the canal at Fradley Junction.

The canal was extremely busy, both on the water and along the pathways. It is a joy to watch the boats, as I have remarked before,  the lifestyle seems more of a pace I wish to enjoy but at the same time, watching the locks constantly filling and draining and the industry of the volunteers working them showed it can be very hard work at times taking it easy. We walked up through Fradley Wood, the site of WWII airbase RAF Lichfield. The perimeter roads are being gently reclaimed by the woodland and they proved to be a far better foraging prospect. We collected two kilos of elderberries and and a kilo of blackberries as well as nettle stings and thorn cuts. The resulting wine, I am sure, will be all the better for the endeavour.

The bike frame hadn’t been stolen by slugs overnight, neither had it dried properly. I was able to move it into the shed but I am worried that my painting skill, or lack of, has done something that will stop it from ever drying. If I manage to get up for work on time, I will have an hour or two afterwards to do apply another coat. I like the colour very much it just needs to be drier.


2 thoughts on “242/365

  1. Winston Wolf !! says:

    Good to hear you on Friday Grumpy B****x !! Nice to have another railwayman back in the fold even if it is for NR !! LOL

    • aideym says:

      Thanks for the chat, it was strangely enlightening, well for a conversation with you that is. I guess I had better do some swatting up 🙂

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