I am writing my blog from the naughty step tonight. I made a rash decision to buy a party box of asian delights from a shop in Caldmore in a moment of weakness. I had every intention of sharing them with guests on Sunday by way of a thank you for collecting Connor. I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to resist and true to form, I haven’t. I haven’t only let myself down, I have let Linda down too. I have let my guests down and I feel wretched for my weakness. They were lovely though.

It has been a busy old day, work was a little more action packed than it has been all week and I was glad when my five hours was over and done with. The elderberries we had collected at the weekend were becoming overdue for dealing with, so I settled down to pronging a couple of kilos of berries with a fork whilst catching up with series one of Homeland. In all we have collected three kilos of berries, enough for three gallons of wine. They are now sitting gleefully in a fermenting bucket with four kilos of sugar awaiting some yeastie beasties to turn them into twenty five bottles of most excellent red wine.

Not content with saving the railway, making wine and a mercy dash to Caldmore I knocked up a most wicked curry before settling back to enjoy a glass of vino tinto and newsnight. I have missed the meteor shower but having read John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids, I make a habit of not watching them just in case.

Tomorrow looks set to be another busy one, as the bike won’t put itself together and we are going for a spot of target practise after seven months away from the sport. Infact, with bikes and bows it is almost like business as usual.


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