Ok positions everybody, take 2, action!

It was good to see some familiar faces at the Saturday practise session. As usual the archery club was bustling with new members and even the weather appeared conducive to standing around on a rugby pitch losing arrows. It was also good to see Connor with a bow in his hands, it has been too long, I had to adjust his drawlength by 25mm and the 30lb draw seemed like an elastic band for him. There was a lot of interest in the Cocking Aid as I demonstrated how it works and the fact that I could hit the same spot drawn by hand or by the aid. In the end, I feel the consensus was that the other archers couldn’t see what the fuss was about and that the Society shouldn’t be alienating members when alternatives were available.

Shooting the bow again after all this time left me with mixed feelings. I didn’t want to get used to enjoying something that will be denied from me as a sport. At the same time it felt really good to have the bow in my hands again and to enjoy the banter. I started to consider changes I wanted to make to the trigger and the sight, then started to wonder if it was actually worth it. It is such a confusing feeling, not knowing whether to dare to dream of competing again.

Following a brief trip to Caldmore to replace the cakes that had mysteriously vanished, we disappeared into the shed to put the bike back together. Everything was going very well right up to joining the chains together, which proved impossible. I had bought two lengths of chain, hoping to use the one that came on the bike as it was in pretty good condition however it appears 0.5mm too wide to close up the missing link. Another chain will have to be sourced to finish the job but at least we got an idea of the chain run and where the rollers need to go. All being well that should get addressed tomorrow. I have included a picture of Connor testing and approving the seating position. The finish is so close now I am actually feeling nervous.



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