It has been a good day, in fact it has been a great day. Tracy, had offered to come and collect Connor as Kayleigh wanted to see me before our birthdays. She is 21 a week before I am 50. In my previous life, I had always imagined a big double landmark party, it wasn’t to be. In the following years, I wasn’t even sure we would be talking to each other, something that brought great sadness upon me. Fortunately things have improved a great deal since those dark times. I was sad that she couldn’t come over for the weekend but Connor was an OK replacement.

We had arranged a while ago to chip in to get a decent camera for Kayleigh so that she could pursue her talent for photography but this is still work in progress as there are a couple of weeks to go. What I wasn’t expecting was that my birthday would be brought forward three weeks and that I would be opening presents today. And what presents they were too, I am now the owner of a Campervan deck chair which I totally love and was presented with a really fantastic birthday cake from Kayleigh’s cakery, depicting me in my world famous Brian cap. I was really choked by it all, thank you to Kayleigh and Tracy for the most excellent prezzies.

Meanwhile, the daytime had been spent working in the workshop with Connor on the bike. The one remaining area of concern was the chain run as it needs to run two metres from the front to the rear. It needs keeping in tension and keeping apart. With this in mind we visited B&Q and came back with four furniture coasters, scooter ball races and plastic water pipe washers. With these and a suitable amount of hot melt glue a pair of pretty reasonable chain rollers were fashioned.

We were driving back with the bit when Connor suggested we build a trike next, so it is obvious that the experience of building the bike hasn’t been too traumatic for him. He has gained more confidence with the machinery and is happy to chip in with ideas and solutions to problems, in fact the coasters were his idea, so he has every reason to be proud of his contribution, I am. Hopefully this project will give him a taste for design and manufacture in this vital year of his education.

Well, back at work in the morning, far too busy to be saving the railways but needs must only 260 weeks to go.
















































































































































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