I seem to be getting in the swing of things with working the new software, which is a good job as I am flying solo tomorrow. I can always revert to the old system or blame my mistakes on the “new” system, so I am feeling quite calm about it all. It still brings up some baffling issues, mostly not being consistent in flagging problems but on the whole it is far more fun than the old system and sort of makes me want to make a better job of it. I must have been enjoying myself as I didn’t notice the clock tick past going home time.

I started off the day by taking a walk through the Arboretum with my new camera to test it out whilst making my way to the head doctor on the other side of the park. It was one of those perfect autumn mornings, the sky was clear and vivid blue without a cloud to be seen. Time seemed to be running slow as I meandered through the trees looking for particularly testing shots. This was my second visit to the “Arbo” and once again the power and calmness of the place pervaded. It was by chance I glanced at the time and realised it wasn’t running slow and I was running late, such was the exquisite distraction of it all.

The head tuning session was really a summing up and a goodbye. I am certainly in a better place now than I was nine months ago but the real tests start as I try to live the rest of my life. Certainly my thought processes are more ordered and I can see beyond my own problems and take an interest in the world outside my head. The fact that I have started caring about issues proves to me that I have less of my own. I need to work on a number of areas but again, because I can actually identify them means there must be less of them to be spotted. Quite where this is all leading I don’t know, I do know everything happens for a reason and how we deal with problems makes us who we are. Right now I know that a number of doors have been closed to me but an even greater number are creaking open.


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