So the EDL are coming to visit my adopted home town tomorrow. No doubt it is their intention to discuss how Britain will be better with Far right rule. I expect they will propose radical ways to make Britain great again. With 27% of shops empty in the town centre, it will be interesting to hear how they will bring business to the Black Country. On a national front, it would be good to get an understanding of how education and health would be improved with Fascists at the helm.

On the other hand, they could just stand around shouting racist abuse, call for the Black country to be renamed and be totally vile about everything. Of course we aren’t strangers to vile loud mouthed idiots, Aidan Burley and Andrew Mitchell are close neighbours and not adversed to a bit of notoriety, The EDL have missed a trick by not inviting them to the party. In fact Aidan could have supplied the costumes and Andrew could have liaised with the Police.

Anyway, I felt that it was important for me to show my disapproval of everything they stand for. To be counted as one that says they have no place here or anywhere but it appears that they are being kettled up in Leicester Street and the anti protest protest is at the art gallery. Now, it is probably a good thing that the two sides are separated but how are they to know that they are hated, nee despised and unwelcome if they can’t witness it for themselves? I really don’t want them going away thinking that everyone who attended their demonstration  was a white supremacist thug and that Walsall was 100% behind them. There again it has been a long, long time since I demonstrated against anything and the rules seem to have changed somewhat. It will be interesting to see how the non adversarial approach to demonstration works, particularly as we are attending a TUC march in London, quite how they will kettle the plebs away from the Tories will be quite an achievement as I believe the golden paved streets of the nation’s capital are lined with them.



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