today was something of a rarity since my return to work. A weekday day off. It has been a couple of weeks since I had even opened the workshop doors and I wondered how flooded it would be. So with a little trepidation I opened up and was very relieved to find no major water ingress. Rather fortuitously, I had left an empty plastic container on the saw table, which turned out to be under the designated roof leak. It did appear that the mess it up fairies had been in and I spent half an hour just tidying before embarking on the next part of the wooden bike build, the handlebars. After spending some time looking at disabled bikes at the cycle show, I had decided to build a bearing housing to allow the handlebar stem to rotate, in theory making access and egress easier from the bike. Making the housing was no more difficult than cutting the centre section from one pair of bars and knocking the bearings in. From that point, the remaining halves of the bars would make the risers, separated by the offcuts from the second pair of bars, that were produced when I shortened them. It was all going very well up to the point where I had to break off working for the day. Oh it is so close now. Just a few more hours.

The reason for breaking away from the workshop was to take Linda shopping for my birthday prezzie. As I had asked for a pair of binoculars it seemed a good idea to go to a binocular shop. The shop of choice was out in the wilds of Studley which had been recommended by a work colleague. The journey was pleasant, a lot brighter than the welcome we received on arrival as it appeared we had got the owner out of bed. If he hadn’t just woken up he was loads better at being grumpy than me. I admitted my ignorance of things optical and gave him a budget. He muttered in a monosyllabic manner and thrust two pairs of binoculars towards me. He suggested I try them outside and I was relieved to excuse myself from his company. Anyway, the binoculars  seemed pretty good, one pair was better than the other, not that I knew why, I didn’t dare ask that, So I ventured back indoors and found his attitude had warmed a little and that another pair of binoculars had appeared. This pair was easily better than the others. After convincing ourselves that we couldn’t tell the difference between these and a pair at twice the price, Linda paid and we left. It was a peculiar experience but I did test all the binoculars and get a pair I was happy with at a price we could afford, even if we didn’t exactly get charmed in the process.

Anyway, that was my day off and I am up at early o’Clock so I will get off and up to bed


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