Today I paid £5 to swear at an old bloke in Sutton Coldfield. He seemed very cheery about it all and pocketed the money without complaint. Of course this wasn’t a run of the mill old bloke and the payment was pre arranged. He was a Solicitor and a Commissioner of Oaths an antiquated system where for the princely sum of 500 new pence you can tell him something and someone somewhere else who has never heard of him will believe him. On this occasion I was proving that I am in a deep and meaningful relationship with Linda so that she can enjoy the benefits of a “golden ticket” to travel the nation’s railways and discover first hand just how bad they are. It has been a long time coming but we finally got around to signing the paperwork and swearing the oath.

One of the unexpected pleasures of today’s appointment was seeing the inside of one of the oldest buildings in Sutton Coldfield, tastefully left unmodified for hundreds of years, including the files in the ancient solicitors office. The firm has been existed for three hundred years although I suspect he had only been there for half of that. It was the sort of place you only see in films and anyone of the shelves could have hidden a passage into a secret kingdom and all this excitement for a fiver, half the price of parking at the NEC.

I hope the passes arrive in time for out trip to London for the TUC march on October 20th, If it doesn’t it will be a cheap trip to Marylebone and if it does it will still be a trip to Marylebone as I prefer travelling on the Chiltern lines, although it is a shame the Wrexham and Shropshire services no longer run as they were excellent.

Tomorrow, I will be mostly at work, my shifts are back up to normal lengths and provide even less time to do important stuff like go in my shed, which is a shame but with four weeks leave to take before the year is out, I suspect I will be able to make up for it.


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