Ok I am getting really pissed with the new fashion in people apologising for getting things wrong, I am also getting seriously fed up with Politicians being clear and then not saying what or when they intend to be clear on the subject they are being clear on.

There was a time when Politicians were always right, even if they were in a minority of one, they lived on dual carriageways to avoid performing any u turns in the public eye. Of course with this new age of modern politicians where humility disguises horrendous acts and culpability is rewarded with a pat on the back.  Can I make myself perfectly clear, I don’t want humility, or apologies, I want competent Government, something the combined might of two of the main three parties cannot manage without a daily backtrack. I don’t believe for a minute that a change in government would make the slightest bit of difference in performance. Is this part of a bigger picture, will G4S bid to run the country, they bid for everything else so why not?

I heard someone proclaim that this Government don’t know what they are doing because Labour has been in power for the last decade and they have no experience of running a country (I have paraphrased). Well it is one school of thought, that you get elected based on your popularity and this success give you divine powers to be an expert on anything your boss says you can do but what if this is more sinister? That the Civil Servants, the ones that really run the country, the ones that don’t get elected , that aren’t thrust in front of cameras and the ones that don’t have to win popularity polls every few years are deliberately giving the Politicians a bum steer? And to what end? The more incompetent the Government, the more they need the faceless bureaucrats to get them out of the shit, or so they think, what if Simon Cowell has got in first and poisoned the Whitehall water?   How long will it take before every mainstream party proves itself to be unelectable? That point must be rapidly approaching and what happens then? Will we have X Factor style auditions and telephone votes counted on live TV. Will JedfuckingWard be elected to the Houses of Parliament? Will we have dancing celebrities on ice running the Exchequer? My experience is that John Lydon has more political savvy than most front benchers these days and he is a poor third to Mary Beard. The truth of the matter is that running the country is too difficult, too involved to trust to mere Politicians. Far better to have someone likeable in front of the camera, that could maybe crack a joke or two whilst delivering the bad news.

This could get far worse, ATOS could go televisual, selling the rights to the highest bidder to let the pubic decide who keeps their benefits, texts charged at £1 per minute plus your providers fee, it would be rigged of course but by the time the truth gets out, it will matter not a bit. Imagine a Europathon, a live “charity” event to decide our continued presence in the European union. You might laugh but when it happens you heard it here first.



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