I love shopping day, the thrill of returning from Morrisons safe and well despite the best efforts of the combined forces of the pensionable, desperate and ignnorant. More so because the supply of cheddar biscuits is temporarily replenished. ConDem Britain affords little in the way of luxury for a chap such as myself but the pleasingly crunchy cheesy morsels are comfort for the soul. They even triumph over the wasting effects of sudden onset Man-Flu, which makes me believe pharmaceutical companies are heading the wrong way searching out a cure for the common cold.

I am currently making up stuff whilst watching ELO in concert from way back when after watching a documentary on Jeff Lynne, riveting stuff and yet I sort of missed out first time around too busy occupied with punk, Motorhead and the heavier end of the music spectrum and yet all seem to have stood the test of time and even now three decades on I am discovering music that passed me by.

As I relax after a hard week of not quite avoiding work, it seems grossly unfair that I am feeling unwell, this would definitely have been a 10 penny day off had I not already been off but with nothing on the agenda for tomorrow it matters not although a recovery must have occurred by Sunday as I go on my first Green Wood Craft course. With Sunday fully taken up improving my skill-sets for the upcoming apocalypse I don’t feel like spending the day in the workshop so the bike will go on hold until next week, I have for some strange reason got to attend for work on nights, the aim isn’t necessarily to punish me for the phased return to work but to allow me to experience all aspects of my duties in a controlled environment. Of course it could just be punishment, oh well a bit of night rate will come in handy and I will be able to potter in the shed after the neighbours, the postman, the building site, the planes and the trains have ruined my chances of sleep.

Anyway time for a bit of Mr Blue Sky


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