As with any day after a night shift, the hours waiting for the clock to tick back around to “go to work time” were spent feeling tired. After thirty four years of doing them, I am still not used to doing them and suspect I will never achieve that status in the little remaining service I have left to give.

How anyone can actually perform at any level for more than one day at a time on these shift is beyond me. The entire world conspires to prevent adequate rest, for a start it is daylight and the body clock demands you be awake, secondly the large caffeine intake from being awake all night has to emerge at some point, frequently. The world also has to go about its’ business, be it driving, whistling talking animatedly, these things all have to happen without any real consideration for those around them. It also impacts on family members who normally live a loud and hectic lifestyle who find themselves sharing the house with a nightwalker.

I gave up my first attempt at sleep around 1130, I went downstairs tired and a little grumpy. My tummy was feeling a little dodgy as it does on nights. I had chosen a poor time to rise as “Call me Dave” was doing his stand up piece to a carefully groomed audience. A minute or two of listening to someone who clearly proves the case for life on Mars was too much and the telly went off, not before he mentioned turning the embassies around the globe into shops. This reminded me of the tale from two thousand years ago where this scheme was tried in the Temples of Jerusalem. The policy on that occasion failed but I suspect this time there will be no Saviour to overthrow the tables and even if there was the demographic would be wrong and the riot police on standby.

In many ways the story told in the Bible and I am no expert on the matter, seem to reflect Tory policy. Was it not Lazarus who was told to pick up his bed and walk? Do we not have ATOS doing the self same thing to the disabled of this country. There is also a story where a large audience was shown how to make better use of resources. this was demonstrated with a few loaves and fishes. Most people know where this story goes and I would love for Dave to be left out on a hill surrounded by common thieves but it would be unfair to Christianity to compare David Cameron with a decent, humble and common man for he is none of these.

I am glad party conference season is over, my belief in none of the above remains intact. I am sure that this country has never been in worse hands and that no reasonable alternative exists. I will continue to prepare for Armageddon and for the post apoclyptic world of feudal anarchy.


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