Things are ticking over nicely in Ivory Towers so time to do my blog. This is my last night shift and it can’t end soon enough. Unfortunately being in self imposed exile from daylight leaves little to write about. I could mention the battle of wits that I am losing against a persistent squirrel that has now taken to staring in through the patio window to wind me up before bounding off down the garden to destroy the bird feeders. He has found a little hide which means he doesn’t have to leave the garden whist evading my wrath. I suspect my increasingly eccentric actions against him would compare to Bill Murray in Caddyshack. I suspect the squirrel doesn’t appreciate the extreme lengths I am prepared to go to just to prove a point.
I now have a week off and time to devise a cunning plan. What could possibly go wrong?

I was hoping to start my next shed project but already the days are filling up. I now have sufficient pallets reserved to keep a small firm going so I will need to spend a day collecting and stripping and planing them and as I haven’t built the planer yet I had better get up early tomorrow and make it. Nothing like bleary eyes, bad attitude and power tools to complete an interesting afternoon.
Oh well best get a bit of work done. This railway won’t ruin itself


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