I am feeling fortunate not to be at work tonight, as I relax in my armchair, with a pint of red wine nested within easy reach and the TV filling me in on the programmes I have missed through the week. BBC Question Time isn’t quite the same when you can’t bash abusive tweets out about moronic politicians. I was very restrained even though Grant Green was on and resisted the temptation to tweet anyway and confuse the hell out of my friends.

Just about the only thing I did today was go scrounging pallets. I had been given permission to take six that were lying around in the work car park and another four from Aldridge. As I considered carrying more three on the roof rack at a time unwise and I can’t lift much higher than that anyway this involved two trips into Birmingham whilst I put the sense switch into override and did the Aldridge trip in one run. It was a pretty good day to do the pallet run as it happens, the roads were pretty quiet and the weather held up nicely and being slightly non compos mentis through sleep deprivation, it wasn’t a particularly taxing experience. I drove nice and slowly, listening to Phill Jupitus guesting Kerrang radio which seemed to confuse a number of drivers who couldn’t understand why I was driving slowly. So confused were they that they got a lot closer to get a better look at the reason why I was sticking to the speed limits. I’m not sure how wise driving close to  a teetering pile of debris scattering pallets on top of the world’s most unreliable car but more than one insisted on trying it.

So after three hours work the patio once again resembles Steptoe’s back yard, filled to bursting with bits of unwanted sacrificial wood. I expect it will be towards the back end of next week before I can dissect them into their component parts and convert them into wonderful recycled garden furniture. I expect this new patio feature will confuse the squirrel who has taken to sitting on the fence to watch the television through the window.

We are off to Shropshire for the weekend at some point in the morning. I have packed my camera and binoculars in preparation so the is the majority of the preparatory work done. It is my birthday on Monday and it is great to be able to get away on our own for it. I’m not sure what Linda has in mind but I have read some worrying tweets. So on that note I am off to bed.


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