My blog tonight comes from a 7 foot wide four poster bed. The bed, known as the Jackfield bed . The room is in Jackfield house and the house is in Jackfield. So I guess this makes it pretty damn special. The bed has been in the room for over two hundred years and us quite simply the most wonderful piece of woodwork I have ever seen. I am pretty blown away by the majesty of it all and I am so very grateful to Linda for booking it for my 50th birthday. Thank you for an amazing present. It is wonderful.
Jackfield is pretty much opposite Ironbridge and the while area is amazingly beautiful. Shropshire is fast becoming if not already become my favourite county. I would love to live here and see out my days eating pork pies and destroying wood. However people of my standing don’t get to realise dreams such as those.
We spent the day at Blists Hill. We have been before but still managed to find plenty of things we missed first time around. We also had the chance just to soak it all in, the sights, sounds and smells of times long gone. It was a beautiful experience and one I cannot see me tiring of.
We are going to explore Jackfield and the surrounding area tomorrow. We have already spotted the wooden road that us moving a metre a year towards the Severn and an enticing sign for a green woodwork centre that is open on Sundays. I don’t know how much better it can get.


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