My birthday is nearly over and I can no longer deny being an old sod. Thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes. As my celebrations took place over the weekend we elected for a simple meal at a local pub with Baris and Shakira who were charming company. I would have liked Kayleigh and Connor to be there but it just isn’t possible. I will be seeing them on Friday and may see about buying them a cheese sarnie if the budget will stretch that far.

With nothing on the agenda I spent some time in the workshop, breaking down some of the pallets into usable lengths of wood. It is hard work and so I only intend to do a couple of them a day so I don’t tire my arm out too much. After the exertion of reducing the pallet stack I started making my circular planer. I can’t afford a planer and pallet wood certainly need planing, as well as squaring in all directions to make it usable. So I have decided to make a tool that might do the job with a flap sanding disc attached to an angle grinder. This is held under a feeder box that allows the wood to be sanded to a set thickness. As I have not seen a similar tool it could end in tears but it might work and it has only cost a couple of quid to make.


If all goes well I may be able to report how well it worked. Here is hoping as sanding miles of wood by hand is going to get quite boring.

Tomorrow I have quite a busy day ahead I have a Friends of Park Lime Pits site visit and I am going to meet Manuel Cortes otherwise known as the General Secretary of my union. I am interested in what contribution he feels trade unions can make to the workplace in the 21st century and indeed is there any point belonging to a union in a workplace such as mine. Coming from staunch trade union roots as a train driver, trade unionist and defender of workers rights I have had to turn the other cheek to the scant regard paid to the rights our forefathers fought for. I should imagine the majority care nothing of the agreements hard won that they cheerfully give away for a pound or two. The saddest thing is that a union is only as strong as its’ membership and the membership appear to see themselves as a group of individuals rather than a workforce. There is no solidarity, no marchers, no martyrs, no illegal oaths plied in the back rooms of pubs, fearful of Transportation, or worse. How soon will we see Peterloo revisited as the troops are turned on the population? At this time when workers, non workers, the sick and the disabled are preyed upon. As the institutions that we have come to rely upon are withdrawn and privatised, I fear that we have the greatest need for a strong voice in the workplace and yet the voice has never been weaker. I look forward to hearing how this can be turned around.




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