I’ve just spent all night writing up an “Instructable” for my latest invention the angle grinder sanding machine. So I won’t be writing a long blog tonight as my head is hurting already.

I was determined to get the machine finished today so that I could see if it worked or not. There is very little new under the sun, as they say, but I couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill when I decided to design a something to smooth the pallet wood I have been collecting to make my new and exciting range of recycled garden furniture, which is not currently available in major DIY stores. As I really need to get started on these projects I didn’t want to spend an age designing and making it and there was absolutely no money at all in the kitty to buy something from Machine Mart to fit the bill. The idea for the Angle Grinder box sander came to me when I was carving out the rear arms on the wooden bike. I had decided to rough it out with a flap wheel on the grinder and was very impressed at the smoothness of the finish and at how quickly it demolished the excess wood into dust. From that point the little 10 watt bulb between my ears started musing over how this could be used and I set about knocking something up in Sketchup to test out my ideas.

The concept is very basic and came together very quickly and I am more than happy with the results. There really is nothing more satisfying, apart from National Dry Hump day, than having a problem, taking an idea to solve the problem and then seeing the realisation of that idea perform to and beyond expectation. To say I am properly well chuffed is an understatement.

For a long time I have been an avid reader of the Instructables website. It is the collective thoughts of bodgers around the world, solving problems and giving tips on matters you didn’t even realise you needed solving. I wouldn’t have got into woodworking, or built a wooden bike if it weren’t for Instructables. I was very fortunate to become a featured contributor with my last invention and to see my work on the website gives me a warm feeling inside. Putting something back into something that gives me so much pleasure is very important to me hence me reaching mental exhaustion getting it posted up tonight.

Tomorrow we are going up to Chesterfield and  I will be subjecting Linda to meeting my parents for the first time. Well it has only been a year and a half so probably long past overdue. Poor Linda I fear she isn’t ready for that experience just yet. Only time will tell.


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