Excuse me for yawning, it has been a long day. Jafro and I set off for the golden paved streets of London before 8 o’clock this morning and arrived back around 8.30 this evening. So we are both feeling a little on the fatigued side.

It won’t have gone un-noticed that there was a TUC organised march and demonstration in the capital today and we joined a reported 150,000 people to record our objections to the way the country is being Governed. Whilst I accept that my son is but a lad I did explain the reason behind the march and gave him background on the political reasoning for and against austerity. He was allowed to consider the information and arrive at the same decision as the rest of us heading to the Embankment. This was not merely a political viewpoint forced down his throat, he wouldn’t have thanked me for it anyway. Right, child exploitation worries aside, it was a day out and he hadn’t visited London before and that is reason enough for many to go.

With little love for Pendolino’s and more than a little concern for the reliability of the West Coast Main Line, I chose to go by Chiltern Railways from Moor St to Marylebone. It is the prettiest route into London and we weren’t in a big hurry to get there and these days the journey time is only 20 minutes slower so not really an issue on any part. The journey went without hitch and we arrived on time and before long we were emerging into the daylight from the Embankment underground station. We battled our way through the thousands aimlessly mingling and found the TSSA meeting point. We were handed a t shirt and a goodie bag full of sustenance for the long walk ahead. As is usual with these sort of events there were hundreds of political factions, each craving attention for their cause. There were so many different variations on the words Socialist party and workers it resembled a scene from the Life of Brian. At one point I think it was at a flyer for the Working Party of Socialist Lesbian Vampires against Child Slavery in Llandudno, that I did call someone a “Splitter” I think the humour was lost on them and I feel I should apologise for my flippantly dismissive comments.

An hour after the front of the march started out we started our first stuttering steps and the mile walk to over three hours to complete. By the time we arrived, the speeches had finished and the street sweepers were already tidying up. I don’t think we missed much though, I understand someone called Milliband gave a speech, which probably covered stuff like how much of a cock Cameron is, that we are all plebs and Osborne who holds the country’s cheque book is a fair dodging low life. He may even have given some vague crap about how different things would be if he was choosing the curtains for number 10, not that anything would actually be that different, lies come in all colours. No we didn’t miss much because this wasn’t about getting there it was about the journey.

We walked past some of the finest buildings London has to offer, we saw posh people enjoying posh food safely hidden from the low life working class by bouncers and police officers. We viciously waved placards at Westminster whilst the inmates hid from view waiting for their mummies to collect them and we saw the street in which “Dave” lives, there were so many police officers on that street it reminded me of a Saturday night in Walsall. The neighbourhood seems to have gone down hill in the last two years. As we marched there was a real carnival attitude, Critical Mass style bicycle sound systems blared out a good mix of music from reggae to old time classics, all perfectly chosen to raise spirits, drum band beat out endless rhythms and a cacophony of whistles and horns celebrated the unity of the cause. The atmosphere was intoxicating as was the good feeling.

I doubt Dave and his accomplices will have taken any notice of the event. They won’t be shocked as they like winding up scum like us. As fox hunting has been banned there has to be a replacement sport for the unfairly privileged and raping this country of everything it stood for will do until they get bored and move on. But on this day we can say we stood up to be counted.


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