Following a busy shift last night I have started writing my blog earlier. Even though there is even less to write about than last night. I climbed into bed around 6am and got out of bed around 1pm. I watched some trashy tv and got ready for work. I am now at work and will remain so for the remainder of what will be a tiring 12 hour shift. The human body wasn’t designed to be up at night and therefore doesn’t know what to do with itself.
Whilst I was dreaming of comfy workshops and making really cool stuff it appears Linda had donned her Eco warrior outfit and appeared on BBC radio WM. Readers may remember she had a weekly guest spot on Adrian Goldburgs radio phone in programme, whilst we were campaigning for changes to Police policy. This time her appearance was in defence of Walsall Countryside Services. It is common knowledge that budget cuts are in the air and that some of the cuts are being aimed at the Leisure side of business.
As a newcomer to the area I was amazed at the wealth of beauty the area has to offer. For a built up area with a historical link to heavy industry the Black Country conjures up monochrome images of stark landscapes and a population eking out a miserable living fraught with danger with little in the way of colour to brighten their lives.
To discover a rich and vibrant legacy, a different language, an interesting cuisine and a strong pride in the heritage, made Walsall special. To discover that the Black Country may once have been but is no longer,black, was a surprise. In fact the amount of beautiful locations so close to the heavily industrialised and populated areas was impressive, even for someone brought up surrounded on all sides by the Peak District, the Sheffield Moors and Sherwood Forest. Equally impressive was the management of these areas of beauty. Look through the calendar of events on the Walsall countryside services website and you will see a thriving community and an abundance of things to do. This doesn’t happen by chance, this comes about by hard work and vision. You don’t get paid for enthusiasm you are rewarded by providing a legacy.
I consider myself privileged to have benefited from this service I have already learned so much of nature and of traditional skills. I have also committed to fostering the legacy inasmuch as helping to run the friends group for Park Lime Pits and by learning these traditional skills. But without the presence of Countryside services where is the legacy? Where is the future for Walsall beauty spots? What will be left to hand down because once it has gone it will be impossible to replace. This hopefully temporary state of austerity must not jeopardise the permanent future of the management of our green spaces. The work being done to promote biodiversity and educate future generations cannot be considered expendable. The services provided by the council have been cut to the quick. Those that need it the most have nothing left to give and giving up the things that bring the colour into their lives leaves nothing. Rather than cutting because this unelected government feels that those with little need to pay more we need to stand together and defend what we have left and say NO. Enough is enough. Before it is too late.


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