If I was (were?) to start this blog with the sentence. “I couldn’t get my car to start” you might wonder if you were reading an earlier post.  Sadly this wouldn’t be the case. The useless pile of crap refused to ignite upon demand this morning and left me trying to push the thing off the drive so that the gravity starter could be engaged. With one proper arm and no power steering, no fortuitous chance meeting with a neighbour or the cavalry on the horizon. I had to resort to putting the thing in reverse and turning the key. One 20 point turn later and a bit of freewheeling convinced it to do my bidding.

Throwing my plans out the window for the morning I had the battery and alternator tested and left the motor factors £50 lighter with a set of glow plugs in my hand. The notion that glow plugs would be the easy option was flawed, easier maybe but far from easy. If this cures the car I will be happy and surprised. It has also gained a nice dint and scrape at some point this week. I don’t recall doing it but it is just something else to piss money down the wall over, money that should really be squirrelled away for a replacement.

With the day in tatters I took the decision to pop over to Merlin Archery in Loughborough. I wanted to test out my theories on trying to shoot a bow right handed. I was hoping to borrow a bow that had become part of the furniture and give it a go at the archery club in the morning. The result was well worth the journey as I was lent a twenty year old compound and a couple of arrows. I also picked up a wrist release as we discussed how I was going to make it all work. After returning home the evening has been spent trying to concoct variations on a theme for a shoulder sling to hold the release so that I can push the bow out and have a little amount of control on the draw arm. After hours of sewing and a fair bit of 25mm webbing, I don’t see how I can make it work. Even now I am running through options in my head. Well I guess I will have my answers tomorrow but I am feeling a little downbeat about it all.

Well that’s about it for a night, broken cars and sewing, what ever happened to my Friday nights


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