Not only did the car not start again and require bumping twice today, my table saw also joined the ranks of the not working. The Jafro boy was hard at work making a bird table for his Grandmother when it tried acting up. The motor has started making very unpleasant noises and my first reaction to take it apart was overruled by a nagging little voice that it was four months old and really shouldn’t be going under my screwdriver. So it now sits waiting for the company to open tomorrow so I can discuss the plan of action.

The car and the saw weren’t the only things to pack in as the dyson repurposed shop vac also stopped sucking which was most annoying as I don’t really ask too much of it. I am getting increasingly fed up with modern technology which might as well be sold with a use by date on it such is the brevity of its’ operational life.

With nothing much else to do we were given an invite to an archery club members house to visit his workshop. I am in awe of the brilliance of someone who can convert a normal milling machine into a 4 axis cnc  device. In every corner of his workshop was something equally ingenious . He appears to be able to turn his hand to anything and his pure artistry makes me realise the gulf between a real workshopper and a bumbling fool like myself. However I did return with an offer to machine the parts that need making for project boo bike. It is a very kind offer as it is obvious his time is very valuable and the parts I need are difficult to obtain. Of course, if much more of my machinery breaks down it will be a non starter.

And that sums up the day, as the workshop was closed early and it was a grim miserable and annoying day, I settled back to enjoy a Resident Evil DVD. Nothing like a little Zombie slaying to cheer me up. Tomorrow I may, or may not be going over to Leicestershire with a bandsaw and another excuse to go to Merlin to lust over bows.


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