Cutting services doesn’t help anyone. How about cutting the Mayor and his office?

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Local Labour Party councillors are calling for Walsall Council’s coalition cabinet to spell out the consequences of the biggest round of cuts in the borough’s history. The call comes as the council announced a consultation on government plans to cut £70 million over four years from Walsall Council’s budget which will lead to the dismemberment of frontline services, according to a Walsall Council Labour Group press release.

Services people rely on a daily basis from parks to public toilets, from education to social care, are facing cutbacks in a round of swingeing cuts which will take £13 million out of council services next year alone, say the group.

Responding to the proposed budget by the council’s Conservative/ Lib Dem coalition cabinet Labour councillors are warning that everyone living in Walsall will be affected by the wholesale cutbacks.

Leader of the Council’s Labour Group, Councillor Tim Oliver, said:

“We fear that over the next four…

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