For the second time in 4 days I was in Leicestershire and for the first time in ages the car behaved all day. After hours of searching the internet forums for the answer to this vehicular conundrum the answer to my problems have been narrowed down to buying a Vauxhall. At some point but not tomorrow or Thursday and not Wednesday morning and probably not Thursday, Friday or the weekend as I still haven’t been informed what I am working this week, I will be taking a look at the thermostat and the temperature sender as the problem seems to be occurring on the days where we are subjected to the briskest of weather. The oil level in the sump is over the full mark, whilst I am aware of what this could be, I am hoping this is just another example of the garage’s incompetence as I haven’t actually checked it since the service was carried out but either way, it won’t be aiding the engine turning over.

As for the second trip to Leicester, I spoke with the lovely people at Charnwood  who manufacture my table saw, mentioning I sort of needed to go to Quorn and would it be all right to drop the saw off. They said it would be fine and when we arrived they took the saw in the back, emerged a minute later and said it would be fixed by 2.30. With 3 hours to kill we went over to Merlin Archery to return the bow I borrowed and let Connor have a bit of a practise. He had been eyeing the redundant release aid most of last night and so I thought it would be an opportunity to give it a go.  We whiled away a fair bit of time getting some bad habits cured and the mechanics of shooting a release explained. Connor seemed to take very well to shooting with it and even finished off shooting at 50 yards with pretty astonishing results. I have tried to explain that it is the most competitive class in archery and he would be going up against the best in the world but with the naivety and enthusiasm inly the young can apply he seemed fine with it. I expect the reality will strike home eventually but there is no harm in him having a go, he might just be right.

I had a look at various bits of recurve archery bling as it has been two decades since I last checked it out in anger. Not much has changed in reality. Not much can change in something that has already been in development for thousands of years. There is a higher use of composites but at the same time, the advent of computer controlled machining equipment means that even the more basic items are manufactured to tighter tolerances. Separating the fact from fiction and just getting a feel for things, it was difficult to see exactly how much difference a lot of money makes. Faced with the reality that I am already seriously disadvantaged with disability, I don’t think I will be buying many extra points by going with the latest all singing and dancing equipment as I would have prior to the accident. With this settled in my mind I am now happy to look out for reasonably priced older stuff and if by some miracle it does work for me I can make further assessment. No matter what I see a lifeline that I wasn’t seeing before and with the nice and warm indoor season approaching, it has all been timed well too.

Tomorrow we are off to the Lime Pits to do some scrub clearing in the hope it discourages the perverts from using the local beauty spot as a meeting point. I will have a freshly sharpened machete just in case anything needs chopping down, or off, as the case may be.


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