After the tome that was last night’s blog, tonight will be a brief passage. I felt a little stiffness coming on late last night in my lower regions, unfortunately in the lumbar area. After a night  in bed the stiffness was absolute and even getting down the stairs was difficult and getting comfortable impossible.  Either the exertion of the shrub clearing, or more like trying to push the car to get it to start has inflamed and old weakness in my lower back.

No amount of painkilling of infra-red treatment has reduced the pain and finally I made the decision to call in sick for tomorrow. Hopefully the pain will have subsided by tomorrow as it isn’t pleasant and it stops me doing stuff. I’m not particularly good at sitting around doing nothing and the day really has dragged out somewhat.  At one point I had to go out in the car, the Jafro boy needed to return up North and the car decided it wasn’t going to behave again. I had read about disconnecting the coolant temperature sensor to trick the glow plugs into firing and this proved an opportunity to test the theory as there was no way I was going to push anything in anger. To my surprise this work around did work, the glow plugs kicked in, the engine started and I reconnected the sensor. It doesn’t explain what is malfunctioning or how to cure it but I’m not interested in curing the thing any more, as long as I know how to make it happen until I get rid then that is all that matters. When I am mobile I will put a breaker switch in the cabin so I can deal with the problem without getting out the car. According to the forums this issue only happens in cold weather, so if it makes it through into the new year I will gear up to selling it when it is warmer.

I guess it was an inopportune moment for British Cycling to contact me regarding my dissatisfaction with the Solicitors they appointed on my behalf.  I think I spelt it out in as Camoron would say, “in very clear terms” exactly what their failings were and exactly how upset I am at the apparent inaction and the constant refusal to answer direct questions. I think the BC representative was quite shocked that I had asked the Police to investigate them on the stolen cheque. Apparently my solicitor is calling tomorrow, I pray for her sake that my back isn’t still hurting.




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