This could all easily go wrong. I appeared from a night’s peaceful slumber feeling every bit as sore in my lumbar regions as I was yesterday. This gave rise to seeking an appointment at the Doctors at the earliest opportunity. The problem with being a walking pharmaceutical catalogue is knowing what else is safe to put in my body. It can only be a matter of time before the cocktail of drugs disagrees with something.

There is something about sitting in a waiting room, watching people come and go, guessing what is up with them and whether I should be concerned at being in their company. Even an entertaining game of people watching has limits and after 45 minutes of waiting Linda drew it to a close and discovered the receptionist had failed to book us in. Having gnawing back pain isn’t particularly comfortable and in truth I could have done without it but after the little misunderstanding was sorted the examination from my GP was very thorough. She was quite shocked that given the amount of painkilling drugs I take that I could feel any pain at all and by virtue of that fact she took it all very seriously. However I was actually quite shocked to be prescribed diazepam. After taking one and falling asleep and subsequently feeling a lot less in pain I am not going to argue with the decision.

So with another day spent doing nothing and feeling to tired to even do that I can only hope another good night will turn the corner as sitting on my arse isn’t something I like to do. I did spend some of my more awake moments watching the bird activity in the garden until our local Sparrowhawk decided to call time on that. I have spent far too long trawling the likes of Ebay for recurve archery equipment, hoping for that elusive bargain. It would be nice to be able to fund this forced change in bow style with an offering from the impending interim payment from my compensation which is no nearer realisation than it was months ago. I took the decision to make a complaint against my Solicitors to British Cycling the other day as they continually refuse to answer questions and are unwilling to keep us informed of developments. I was almost immediately contacted by British Cycling to get a full understanding of my complaints and going on from that I was contacted again today after British Cycling managed to actually talk to my Solicitor. Hopefully the call I am expecting tomorrow from Leigh and Day will at least lay out a timetable for what remains to happen in my and for them to finally dispel the myth that they can actually achieve any interim payment, so they can stop dangling it as a carrot to placate me as they continue to do a shoddy job.

Right I am off to find some horse tranquillisers as this diazepam is for pussies.


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