First things first. Linda has set up a Facebook group. This is our attempt to fight the cuts to Walsall’s Green Spaces and Countryside services proposed for the 2013 budget. I urge anyone who cares about the protection and promotion of the the wonderful areas of Walsall overseen by the council. There is also a place to have your say directly to Walsall council if you feel sufficiently concerned about how we care for the Walsall of the future.  Just look for the online form header from my link. It isn’t going to be easy but as I keep repeating, this decision could adversely affect the future enjoyment of Walsall’s splendid open areas. It only takes a paragraph of your time but I hope you find the time to write it.

I spent a little less time walking around like a zombie as the painkilling and the muscle relaxant qualities of the newly patented Hair of the  Mad Dog  did its’ job and allowed me a decent night’s sleep. So much so, that I have rung in to resume work, they were thrilled at the news. It didn’t help dull the pain of discovering I can forget all about any interim payment to recompense my initial losses. The phone call from my Solicitor at least allowed me to tell them that I wasn’t happy with the way they chose to treat me and vent my spleen a little but alas the carrot they continually dangled before me has been snatched away by the pesky wabbit otherwise known as the Official Receiver. Alas my skallywag filled closet has come home to haunt me once again.

I haven’t kept my past a secret. Some see bankruptcy as an easy way out of responsibility, sometimes it may well be, for others, faced with a double income mortgage on a single wage, with mounting debt and negative equity, it was an escape from something altogether more permanent . It wasn’t an easy option, it was the only option. It hasn’t been financially easy either as we have to endure monthly means testing, with any monetary surplus being taken from us but to learn that the OR has a right to the interim payment and the realisation of the money my cycle was worth is a little bit gut wrenching. I would much rather have not suffered the losses, the disability and the pain and kept the cycle they declared no interest in and the money we were allowed to have to live on that was used to pay for my treatment but it appears not. Oh well at least I can stop waiting for the reimbursement to drop on the mat.

And the sun will still rise in the morning, another 24 hours of possibilities.





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