It was Shakira’s birthday today and the highlight was a trip out for a meal later in the afternoon and as she had a friend over and therefore didn’t want to associate with us so we popped over to Chasewater. Earlier in the year there had been a celebration of the culture of the 40’s to 60’s. It had been an interesting day out and I wasn’t too sure where cupcakes fitted into the equation however at £1.50 each, I didn’t research the subject too much. There was certainly enough of interest to merit a return .

Unfortunately, the promise of a one trick pony was realised, albeit with less cupcakes and after ten minutes we adjourned to the wonderful station cafe  to make a significant dent in the homemade cake  and tea. Some time it is just fun to sit and talk watching the world go and we passed a good hour doing just that. After convincing the car to start we returned to collect the children and head of to the local Harvester where we gorged on the free salad bar, part of your ten a day and a rack of ribs that must have come from an elephant. The company was great, Baris was on top form and all to soon we were once again praying the car would start.

The Facebook group Linda has set up is gathering speed nicely and there have been some fantastic contributions already. I have to knock a piece up at some point to keep the momentum going.  I have also been trying to convert a design into a format that CAD machines will understand on a system I don’t understand myself . I still don’t like that Autodesk haven’t put out a manual for 123D  but it was very convenient that it took a sketchup  design and converted it into DXF automatically. All it took was a bit of juggling and I think it is sorted but it has given me the urge to consider trying again to learn  123D .

Tomorrow is a blank canvas, depending how my back is I have things to do in the workshop but if it is bad I have had another idea that needs putting on file for an archery accessory. I was hoping to get over to Custom Built Archery but that will most likely be Wednesday now. I am keen to get the crossbow on the market and due to Ebay restrictions it can’t be sold through them. I am feeling pretty desperate to get shooting again and delays are fairly frustrating but something I am getting used to.



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