A week into the back ache thing and it is still there and showing no signs of vacating. In a final act of desperation I made contact with Natalie my physiotherapist and volunteered to subject myself to more of her treatment. If that doesn’t scare the pain off, nothing will. Tomorrow I will either be doubled up or cured, that is, if I survive the night as I have to go on nil by mouth for a cholesterol test in the morning. The last time I had one the Doctor advised me that “surprisingly my cholesterol was normal” I wasn’t surprised as I live the life of a monk but it appears they want a recount. As this is my last night with my back and lifestyle intact I am blogging early to concentrate on making the most of it.

Despite walking like I had taken a blow in the testicles I decided to spend a  little time in the workshop, mostly to clean it and try and de-clutter. The first job was to rebuild the saw table which appears in fine fettle after its’ recent overhaul. To do this I had to do a bit of dysoning, except I had forgotten it wasn’t working. So before I did anything else I had to fix it. It turned out that my Dyson has one more filter than I thought it had and this newly discovered filter appeared to be made of solid sawdust. Once cleaned out, it was as good as new and I was able to crack on with sorting things out. Whilst on a roll I  did some work on the table and put in a new shelf. The benefits were immediately apparent as a router fell off it, so I will put some sides on it if I make it through the  the next 18 hours.  Of course all this activity has caused no end of grief in the lumbar area and I am almost at the point of regretting it but after visiting my friend’s workshop the other week I realise how much I have to do in my own.

I had to take the ladies into Walsall for really important stuff but not feeling much like walking around we parked up in Tesco, where I left them to it. I went into the cafe, where they do a really excellent coffee and read my newly arrived book on, ironically, making walking sticks. The book had been an ex library issue and in it’s 25 years of life it had been loaned 11 times. It is a little short on content and I had finished it over a large latte but it gave a short insight into what could be an interesting and moderately lucrative sideline.  Anyway I had best get a last glass of red in before the 10 o’clock curfew.


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