Having to wait for a blood test, best described as a mid morning slot isn’t particularly good fun, especially when it involves fasting. A novel concept where you don’t eat anything for a predetermined amount of time even if it means forgoing breakfast. The actual blood letting was the easiest thing in the end, in and out with just a small prick in between. It wasn’t long before I was making up for lost time and munching on my nuts and bran none the worse for wear.

Natalie was a wonder and got straight to the  nub of the problem with my back. Obviously I had overdone it with my mad axeman act at Park Lime Pits last week when we chipped in with Walsall Countryside services. This let to inflammation in some unpronounceable joints in my lumbar area and the muscles had all chipped in to stand in unity to pronounce how pissed off they were. The diagnosis complete it was time for pain to be administered. She freed up some of the knots in the muscles and then used heat and a magnetic torture machine  before sending me on my way with a few exercises to do for the next week of so. I have to say, so far it has been the most comfortable afternoon since the injury occurred, so I think she is on to something.

I have taken it easy for the rest of the day. I did a bit of design work for an archery based product which I am hoping I can convince someone to make for me. It isn’t exactly revolutionary but it would certainly make things easier on one of the more mundane tasks in archery maintenance. The problem with the systems I have is that they don’t appear to want to work in a format that a CNC machine would understand but I am sure there is a workaround. Apparently there is always a workaround.

Well I’m not staying up too much longer. We re going over to Custom Built Archery to drop my crossbow gear off in the hope it can be resold and so that  I can get a freestyle set up sorted in time to get used to it for next season. Hopefully someone will fall totally in love with the crossbow whilst I am there and allow me to leave the shop with a new bow in hand. And then I could always wake up.



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