After being informed by the Consultant that shooting the Crossbow would shorten the useful life of my elbow, it has remained in a corner of the hall gathering dust. A visual reminder of how I did things before the accident and after learning that I could shoot a recurve right handed, I had considered every option for getting something sorted out so that I could return to archery and once again enjoy the sport that has been part of my life for over twenty years. After learning that I will not be receiving an interim payment for my losses, I could see little point in hanging around waiting for a cheque that wasn’t coming and took the decision to move the bow along. Now there isn’t a feline’s opportunity in perdition of getting anywhere near what it was worth and so to get back on the archery ladder I had a chat with Tony Drabble at Custom Built Archery. As always, there was a deal to be had although the days of nipping over to CBA are long gone, the 90 minute drive was actually quite a nervous one for me as I was unsure how any of it would play out.

Upon arrival the crossbow was demonstrated and met with approval and before too much time had passed we were delving through the options for a replacement bow.  Having done a little research I had a rough idea of what I needed and what I didn’t want and after stopping at the mid range of risers (handle) I settled on a Sebastien Flute model, which comes in a rather fetching anodised matt grey. We coupled this to a pair of SF Elite Carbon limbs, which after reading up are an excellent offering with progressive characteristics and pretty sexy matt carbon finish. I settled on some cheap arrows to get used to shooting and less painful on the pocket when I make a cock up, getting used to it all, then I was able to try shooting it for the first time.  I have an internet of superlatives I could use but it felt familiar. After all those years and shooting right handed for a bow to feel like I had shot it before was truly excellent. Certainly for the money I can feel the difference in what I thought was a good set up in the eighties, the limbs are smooth and the riser well balanced and even with naff aluminium arrows it felt quick too. I am certainly, genuinely, excited about going back into freestyle and with the difficulties I will face I don’t need to set my sights high for success, however if I can upset the odd one or two occasionally then that will do nicely for me. Especially if I can beat the Jafro boy every once in a while.

Anyway I am enthused enough for one night and the Comic Strip thing on Gold is far too distracting. Before I go, I wish a speedy recovery to Bradley Wiggins who appears to have been the victim of a SMIDSY. It isn’t just fat, bald nonentities who become the victims of careless drivers, even the best in the world are vulnerable human beings. Please be careful out there, either behind the wheel or in the saddle.


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