There are seldom things more annoying than losing your wallet and sadly it occurred to me that I had done exactly that. The hassle of turning the house upside down and then trying to put it back how it was for Linda to return and turn it upside down but in a proper manner. After agreeing that the wallet was lost, the next hassle was cancelling cards, reporting to the Police the sad loss and then discovering how much items given freely cost to replace. Fortunately being in a permanent state of skint, there was only a few pounds in cash and nothing with any personal attachment that couldn’t be replaced.  The final hassle is getting your hands on your cash whilst waiting for cards and PINs to be reissued. In my case it meant a trip into Walsall and an exchange of pleasantry’s with Sue in the Cooperative bank. I then purchased a stand in wallet which will have to do until I can find a suitable replacement for my much loved and well worn hand made leather one. I think a wallet says a lot about a person and mine was mostly empty.

After all the upset I had a quick blat over to Bowsports, who unfortunately offer the opposite end to the archery retail experience to  CBA. However they do have an 18m indoor range at a reasonable £3 an hour. This would be my first opportunity to get to know my bow and determine how I am develop a technique to provide a repeatable platform for my shooting. The range was empty and so I was able to take my time and try things out. I was very pleased with how the bow had been prepared for me and felt no need to make any alterations away from those dialled in yesterday. In due course I will have a tweak or two but for now, it is near enough to concentrate on what I do with it. It took a dozen arrows to get the sight set up and then I got on with learning how to shoot.

A number of things occurred to me with regard to the design, the bow is very well balanced and there is a ridge in the grip which makes finding the right spot in the hand very easy to do. A lot of grips are very smooth and you can drop your hand anywhere on the grip and not really tell a difference so you can unwittingly apply different pressure to the grip which affects the result downrange. I usually put tape or grind a small groove in the grip as a reference point, this won’t be something I need to do. I will need to make the grip a little deeper to suit my hand but I have Milliput for that. The main item of equipment I had an issue with was my finger tab, I bought a  copy of an expensive tab which in all honesty overpriced based on any value added over the cheap one but it has a bare metal shelf that you place against the jawbone, this plate has sharp edges which are unpleasant and will have to be dealt with.

I shot 6 dozen arrows in my hour , which is half a FITA round with no pain at all from my elbow, the only pain came from fatigue in my left forearm which is having to do all the work to draw the bow and then hold it steady for the shot. Strength will build up in the coming weeks and there wasn’t a really noticeable difference in grouping from beginning to end of the session. Obviously there are variables to throw in, newness and freshness against familiarity and fatigue but all the same very pleasing. My next session will be Saturday in the cold on the Rugby pitch but I hope that I can build on today.

Tomorrow’s blog may be a little strange as we are going out to leaving drinks for a workmate who has supplied a great deal of fun and laughter in the last few years. He is off to far better climes by somehow convincing someone that he actually knows what he is doing.  Advance apologies for spelling, rambling and grammar.


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