Blimey, you go all week struggling to find things to write about and then a day like to day occurs.  Firstly the petition to save Countryside Services has gone live, anyone who lives, works or is educated in Walsall can sign it and it would be lovely for you to take a minute to sign it. The open spaces that abound in Walsall need a secure future, so much has been done in 25 years and so much more can be achieved if only the future can be secured. In times of austerity it is easy to consider non essential services as easy targets, however the easy targets of today will become the problems of tomorrow. We are facing a constant struggle to secure and promote the future of Park Lime Pits and all over the Borough similarly concerned groups fight to retain their cherished locations. It would be a travesty to lose these outstanding locations for a quick fix to an unfair budget requirement.

Anyway, the soap box is away. Linda and I spent the day taking a very leisurely walk around the Lime Pits. I was trying to put into practise some newly gained knowledge of green wood stuff. I had bought a book on making walking sticks and was trying to envisage  suitable material in every clump of Blackthorn, Briar and Holly. I also bought a book on turning green wood and I also spent  a fair amount of time working out nice material for bowls and goblets. As Linda remarked, when we first met we could go for a walk and now that we are on the lookout for birds, wood, willow and walking sticks, newts, butterflies, bees, vandalism and anti social behaviour, there is no way we would ever manage a five mile walk. Such is our appreciation for the diversity of the environment we are actually getting to see less of it.

We were just heading towards the little pond when I noticed a juvenile Heron not two metres from us intent on catching dinner. After the meal was concluded the Heron noticed us but thought what the hell and just carried on fishing for afters. We spent at least 15 minutes watching it in very close proximity and felt privileged to have been allowed the opportunity. We walked around to the little pond and sat down for a coffee near to where the Woodpecker frequents. A few seconds later we were joined by the Heron who continued to hunt in our company for another 15 minutes. It is a treasured memory and ironic that I had left my camera at home due to my recent back problems.  The walk finished with a fact finding mission to the Manor Arms to ensure its continuing viability as a business. Fortunately things seem well with the Manor Arms and there is a pub quiz tomorrow for anyone of that persuasion.

Tomorrow I am taking my new bow to the club. I am seriously revved up about shooting and this is a really good sign, however, I was sans quiver. Having swapped from left to right my old quiver is totally wrong and I couldn’t afford a new one until next pay day, especially after losing my wallet, anyway, whilst nursing my pint of cocker hoop in the Manor I decided to make one out of duct tape. It seemed like a great idea as I have duct tape and I had had a pint. So I set about it as soon as I got home. I have published an instructable in the vain hope of getting another year long free subscription.

So after all that productivity it was only natural that I make tea. I had seen a programme earlier in the week about a backwards curry, where you put all the ingredients in a cold  pan, raw add stock, (cold) and then heat it up. When it boils to nothing add the oil and then cook till the oil comes out. Now this may seem daft but I have to say it was one of the tastiest curries I have ever cooked.

And so here we are. Before I go I have an apology to make, last night I believed I was going to Birmingham to say goodbye to a dear friend, however, I also believed it was Friday, which it was not. So all the crap about not making sense, will apply for tomorrow night .



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