It had to happen and was indeed prophesied in this blog that at some point I would write in a state of inebriation and tonight is the night. Having returned from a night celebrating the friendship of someone voluntarily moving on to pastures new it seems ironic that others I know may soon be leaving to an uncertain future against their will.

I seriously cannot believe that Walsall Council have chosen to announce a £400k plan to develop the old golf course into a nature reserve whilst their own staff fret at the though of job losses to save £400k on budget requirements presumably coming from the same pot. Now it may be the wrong time to be typing this and apologies to those that choose to follow my blog but what kind of sick twisted logic is in play that thinks it is ok to announce progressive ideas for green spaces whilst at the same time sacking those that would be expected to manage it? If they have found £400k to blow in Countryside then spend it on protecting the staff they have instead of increasing the impossible workload of those that remain. We have been challenged to suggest where the money would come from, to suggest how the difficult decisions would be made and the answers were always there in the council chambers. Having miraculously discovered £400k  it would be negligent and immoral not to do the right thing and save what we have.

Anyway, before my headache sets in for the night , goodbye to Rich Fisher and the best of luck for his future with the Rail Regulator, they may not get much improvement in performance but their party’s will definitely improve.

The day got off to a good start, I was down at the archery club well before I usually arrive and was out there shooting from the start. I managed another 5 dozen arrows with no problems at all. The plan was to try and define a shot routine which I could make repeatable. The groups, even at 22 yds were very encouraging and I am starting to plan for the future again. I am fortunate that swapping from left to right handed has caused no problems at all but I am unsure in which discipline I will be able to minimise my disadvantage. For now I will apply the philosophy of a target archer and work on accuracy and technique as my physique and ability doesn’t lend itself to the performance and power of field archery. I have set a goal of the returning to the European Championships, 2013 may be too soon but definitely for 2014.

Well I am rambling and my head is hurting , so I am off for the night



















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