Firstly apologies for the drunken blog last night. I have partial memories of the evening and Linda has kindly filled in the gaps on a number of occasions.
The best antidote to a little excess seemed to be a long walk and soon after observing the Remembrance silence and devouring a bacon sarnie we set off for Sandwell Valley RSPB. To be fair there wasn’t much in the way of unusual birdage on the ponds but it was good for the soul to be out in such a beautiful place. The bright and cloudless winter’s day displayed the best bits of being outside at this time of year and my new found love if basketry had me examining the prolific amounts of willow wishing it was a little less busy and that I had taken secateurs instead of a camera.
With the best part of the day gone we came home and I cooked a roast dinner. I’m not one for cooking roasts being more of a one pan person myself but I think I pulled it off very well before collapsing in the chair for the night too tired to even turn the computer on.
I will be having some more target practise tomorrow whether inside or out depends on the weather.


3 thoughts on “298/365

  1. ziksby says:

    The weekend previously I was the only person on the RSPB walk round the lake. We saw little egret(1st of the season), golden eye, 6 snipe on the island, ring necked parakeets and all the usual suspects. Wouldn’t have spotted any of the above without the guide..

  2. Now that my car is sorted, we can arrange a day collecting willow and dogwood if you like. 🙂

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