Firstly another GRRRR. I bought a camera off Ebay  for Kayleigh with ” usual light scratches” to the screen. It has arrived with her and it looks like the one Felix Baumgartner dropped as he was descending. Without doubt it is seriously not as described but the sheer bloody hassle of getting the money back is something I could have done without.

Secondly another GRRRR as I go about replacing all the lost cards through my recent wallet  loss. £25 for a replacement pass to get into the work car park is best described as steep, £20 for my driving license, £15 for my train pass, it all mounts up and the bank balance is firmly registering empty now.

Thirdly another GRRRR as I learn that I have yet another set of night shifts this week followed by another set of night shifts next week. So far since returning to work I have worked one shift that wasn’t a night shift and it is beginning to get a lot annoying. Still, as I told my big boss today I am finishing in just over 250 weeks, taking into account 25 weeks annual leave the end is almost in sight. Unbelievably I am doing an extra shift tomorrow, the bottom of the barrel is scraped through and things must be bad to be asking me but with Christmas coming I don’t suppose the odd extra hour will hurt.

So the day was mostly spent chasing around sorting passes out and getting physiotherapy on my back.  I made a curry to sort of tune in to Diwali and Linda made Page 1 of the paper and looks to be resuming her weekly slot on BBCWM radio as she takes the campaign to save our Green Spaces to a new level. I will be making some placards for the council silent demonstration over the next couple of days as soon as something suitable to design comes to mind.

Well I am up at 0500 so I had best get a shower and off to bed.


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