I am taking the opportunity in the brief reprieve on the battlefield otherwise known as the Snow Hill lines to cobble up a blog. I must mention Linda’s fine performance on the Radio as part of the campaign to protect the green spaces and countryside services. I couldn’t help but notice how much her delivery and style has improved since the first time she aired on the radio when she was campaigning on my behalf. I know how much background work she is doing and how driven she is to ensure we protect what we have for those who will follow. I can’t help thinking if this is how politicians are made. Although it is unlikely as she still answers questions with answers and not deflections.
It is important that these battles aren’t conceded as I feel the biggest struggles are all in front of us.
Austerity isn’t working, a perceived triple dip recession will have to be accepted at some point as a depression. Jobless numbers fall but as wages are reducing the pot isn’t increasing. The possibility provided by schemes to reduce unemployment figures allow employers to get a workforce for nothing, jeopardising those getting paid a fair day’s pay for their skills. So the end isn’t in sight and it won’t be in sight until those in power stop balancing self interest and the best interests of the nation. Quite how we sort our the despair and disparity is beyond my comprehension but I fear we aren’t so far behind the events occurring on the streets of mainland Europe.
There is no doubt that tough decisions have to be made and at some point the price has to be paid. There is no doubt that human nature is to want more, be bigger, be better, to be King of everything and the Devil take the hindmost. I think that was how Tyrannosaurs worked. I’m not sure as they aren’t around anymore to ask.
We must start to accept that we are a little cog in a big biological machine. What we do affects the machine and we have no care or idea of the repercussions we create.
By taking the forefront on biodiversity and promoting better use of the countryside, Walsall was making a step in the right direction. We cannot allow that step to be taken back without a fight. We owe it to the big biological machine.


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