I’m not going to take credit for my part in the success of the spoiled vote campaign for the PCC elections. It was merely a side project but with as much as 10% of the vote cast in some areas we gave some of the more established party’s a scare. Imagine what could have been achieved with decent advertising and some air time. Commanding such an impressive share of the vote we should at least get a party political broadcast next time around. Theresa May, a glowing beacon for what can be achieved by incompetents, argued that first elections are always difficult. I am still trying to work out which first elections she is using in comparison, maybe Afghanistan or Iraq. Hardly a fair comparison, countries emerging from years of cruel self serving dictatorship against Police and Crime commissioners in a democratic country under Tory rule.
Tonight as Gideon signs the letters telling the largely independent elected PCC’s how independent he is going to let them be. Already one has admitted he is really a Liberal democrat, no doubt unelectable wearing yellow forgot all about telling the truth on his nomination form. It completely slipped his mind all the way through the campaign and only after getting in did he remove his disguise and ‘fess up. Not the actions of someone expected to rule over law and order for the next four years.

I fail to see how any of the elections I have viewed can be classed as a mandate to serve the people. Like a landlord trying to press gang a five a side team together it is almost as if some of the candidates were selected because they weren’t at the meeting to say no. We have a Government that isn’t afraid to do U turns, they have a week, it only cost £100m of taxpayers money, I urge them to reconsider PCC’s before they do any more damage.


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