As the clock ticks nearer to half way through my last night shift of the week I can look forward to nearly five days before I am back on nights again. I have no love of night shifts, the only advantage being the lower frequency of the passenger service.
A Saturday night is a strange one in my job, as the railway is largely handed over to the engineers to fettle for the week ahead.
This is the time when the plans are tested and the flaws show through and a time when the ability to react is reduced. A time when often those with illegal intent choose to strike and a time when staff accidents and incidents seem to occur. So there is a general hubbub of activity, none of which tends to affect me, the exact opposite of the usual way things happen.
It is only 2230 and I feel like it is early in the morning, I don’t usually like to lie in on my day off but I may make an exception in the morning. I have nothing planned and no money if I had.
For once I can’t think of a single thing to write about and the soap box I have been on for the last few days has gone missing. I almost feel a fraud for publishing a blog this poor but I promise to get my mojo back after a night in bed and two pints of red wine.


One thought on “304/365

  1. kate Goodall says:

    Loving the “two pints of red wine” qualification. Needless to add, but I’m doing my bit for the white grape growers.

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