Getting up after five hours sleep following 36 hours worth of night shifts is a little like having a hangover without the pleasure of earning it. I have spent the afternoon sulking in the chair , giving an half arsed attempt at another design, this time the bamboo bike, with very little in the way of success. Considering I already have a design for a wooden bike, a carbon trike  and a seat, it should be a doddle to lose the wheel off the trike, merge the wooden bike frame and take the geometry off the seat to get the angles right. However I am surprised I have even managed to use the word geometry such is the level of my stupor.

My stupor isn’t helped by my back being well and truly stuffed again and in rock and roll style the diazepam and vino collapso has been pressed into service again. I suspect that I will have to get to the doctors at some point as it isn’t even trying to get sorted by itself but at least I am coming up with some cracking ideas for slogans for the protest placards for tomorrow night. I will have to wait until tomorrow to see if I can dare to use them.

As I have been staring at this screen for a few minutes now and I am feeling completely blank I will leave it at that. Hopefully I won’t be in a cell this time tomorrow and will be able to report how things work in the carpeted corridors of power


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