The Plastic Hippo

Ranger image via Movie-Moron
There was a time when class distinction and the social order was a much simpler affair. Correctly indentifying the “March of the Swiss Soldiers” from Rossini`s William Tell Overture made you middle class and correctly indentifying the theme tune to The Lone Ranger made you working class.

In those far-off heady days before the word “mayonnaise” entered the popular lexicon, a bottle of salad cream on the table was evidence of uncultured peasantry; posh people had dinner at tea-time and the lower orders had dinner at lunch time. Offspring of the gentry went to Eton and were groomed for a life of privilege and power in banking or politics. Thank goodness the era of influence by old school tie and the great unwashed knowing their place has gone and the memory of only two black and white television channels and no internet thingy is as distant and ghostly as Gilbert…

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